In 2013, Bob Pollock – owner of the luxurious Hudson Valley estate known as Buttermilk Falls Inn + Spa and Henry’s at the Farm Restaurant in Milton NY – bought a bakery on Main Street in the Hudson Valley hamlet of Milton NY. His vision was to transform it into a space for all members of the community to congregate, relax, meet friends old and new, all while enjoying the comforts of a neighborhood café.

Milton NY was ripe for a little Renaissance and Pollock was up to the challenge of creating small, viable businesses there. The result was Frida’s, which shares its name with Pollock’s daughter, just as Henry’s at the Farm bears his son’s name.

Frida’s Bakery & Café represents, not only small-town charm, but quality, service and hospitality. Offering artisan breads, pastries, cakes, pies, cookies and coffees, Frida’s also presents house-made breakfasts and lunches, incorporating the region’s finest ingredients.

Frida’s philosophy is simple: use fine ingredients and employ traditional methods to produce exceptional dishes.


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    Monday 8-3

    Tuesday & Wednesday: closed

    Thursday 8-3

    Friday 8-3

    Saturday & Sunday 8-4